So why don't you start putting center-stage what is worthy to be noted about you?

Let others see you.

'The Noteworthy Project'

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Instead of overspending once at IKEA, you can invest into never over-spending again.

Here are all the benefits I want you to experience - at a glance.


of working together, you'll walk away with:

  • The knowledge of what exactly makes you remarkable. 
  • Feel incredibly inspired to take action AND know precisely what your first steps are to make it worthy-to-be-noted.
  • Be incredibly motivated to get started.
  • The clarity of whether interior design is really what you should invest in.
  • See the opportunities on how to make your intimates feel like they are your highlight.
  • The inner security of knowing how to serve your loved ones best with your natural strengths
  • Having the insight on how to find people that can add to your life what you feel is missing.
  • A defined and detailed Pinterest board with a clear style vision of your future that triggers your muse and excitement. 
  • A feeling of being in love with your future-you and the life you are building for her.
  • The self-discipline that will help you resist store scenes and sale opportunities that only want to make you feel like you saved money when all they do is make you spend.


you'll benefit from:

  • Being a part of an exclusive FB group. 
  • Lifetime access to all future updates of The Noteworthy Project.
  • 30 days of daily emails with insights, journal prompts, tasks & actions steps.  
  • Two live calls with Nic to check-in and help you with questions you may have.


Calm Design Guide

When you join you, you’ll also receive the ‘calm home’ design guide for free as a bonus. It will help you make your home an oasis of calm and mindfulness in one weekend with little to no money. > Usually 47€

Do not procrastinate.
Join me now and prepare for 2021 to be a different year.

It'll take you 30min/day for 30 days